These have been the evaluations of the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, after the closure of Spain’s participation in the Tokyo Olympic Games:

“For me, a cycle does not end, because the cycle has never stopped evolving and continues to do so. Logically, the two withdrawals of two very great references, which we already knew, makes it a moment of change, but not a cycle. We have seen it today, it is a team that has almost always competed beyond its possibilities, and we have become used to something that is not natural. Such is the legacy that they leave… Pau and Marc are two very special people. They say that how you are outside is reflected on the court, and on the court they have been great, but outside they are an example of life, coherence and loyalty to the very values ??they represent, which I continue to learn from them. Every minute you spend with them is a little lesson “

“Let me thank you. Since the other day, with the draw, nothing has helped us along the way. But it has been a pride of spirit, of people who did not give up, willing to make another effort … Their figure is gigantic, enormous, they will be missed on a sporting and personal level, personally and as a Federation ”.

“And if there are a million thanks to Pau, they seem few to me, because Sergio has said it very well. He is not a legend of basketball and Spanish sports but a legend of basketball and world sports. We have had the honor and privilege of sharing it with him, of having been part of his career “

“And it is the turn of others. The Abrines, the Abalde … have had and have the privilege of learning how to compete, how to play for the national team, even beyond your possibilities, and that means that this cycle never ends, that there are changes of players, but every year there are ”.

“We do not turn our backs on reality. There are players with very long careers and what opens now, as every year, is a period of rest for the players, for them to get involved again in the dynamics of their clubs and to start talking. We know that we are in a moment of transition, it is obvious. And every year it is more complicated, this one in a special way, very hard. And we will start talking to them, as we always do ”.