The coach from Lleida Gerard Encontr will direct the ICG Força Lleida next season. Although the coach already had a contract for the 2022-2023 season, the club has extended and improved his offer. After the historic season that the club has lived through, Força Lleida is already thinking about the next campaign to go back to “fucking it fat”. For this reason, we must start with the foundations and the project began by counting on the continuity of Gerard Find on the Lleida bench.


Albert Aliaga, president of Força Lleida, began the press conference by thanking everyone for their involvement throughout the season, the play-offs and the Final Four. Aliaga wanted to emphasize that Gerard Encontr is not just a boy from Lleida, but “he is a coach and we must value him”. In addition, for the entity that he presides over “it is a satisfaction to retain local talent” and warns that it is time to mess it all up together from the beginning.

One of the team’s designers is Joaquín Prado, the club’s sports director who has made it clear that they have many things on their minds right now, but many others have already been worked on. Prado has highlighted the figure of Gerard Find, stating that the style of the team will not be lost. The sports director ratified the president’s words regarding the great atmosphere experienced at the Espai Fruita Barris Nord and also wanted to highlight that “we have had an excellent season” and that there are only two games left to be ACB.

The protagonist of the morning, the coach from Lleida Gerard Encontr was satisfied with this bet of the club towards him. When asked if he has received other offers, Encontra has said that throughout the season he has focused on his work as a coach and that “I have the possibility of fulfilling the dream of coaching the team from my city”. After a historic campaign and leading ICG Força Lleida to play in the Final Four, the coach adds that for next season “everyone continues with the same enthusiasm”.

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