ANDl Herbalife Gran Canaria did its homework in Seville and beat Coosur Real Betis 69-74, saved three days ago, with which the island team, which reacted at key moments, won the ticket for the play-off for the title with the contribution of Unicaja, who lost against Real Madrid.

John Shurma, a Lithuanian player of American origin, was with his 27 points the great architect of a victory for the Claretian team, also facilitated by the absences in the local team of his two forwards, James Feldeine and Ibrahim Magassa, which limited the rotations of his coach , Joan Plaza.

The Canaries started very badly due to their passivity in defense, which the Verdiblancos took advantage of to make a difference (16-5, min.5). The yellow coach, Porfirio Fisac, called for time and abronó his men, which gave results with the greatest intensity in defense of French base Andrew Albicy, although Betis maintained an important income (22-11, m.10).

A 2-11 part-time start in the second period tightened the score (24-22, min.14) for a Gran Canaria that continued to rely on Albicy’s defensive contribution, now helped by Stevic and the former Slaughter.

The forward with a Polish passport came back for ‘Granca’ with a triple (26-27, min.17), then ratified by Slaughter with another long-distance shot that gave them a short advantage at halftime (30-34, min.20 ).

At the restart, Herbalife’s offensive jam was only mitigated by Shurma, who began to force his shots because the clock began to press his team, aware from the news coming from Malaga that he depended on himself.

Thus, the Gran Canaria team toiled once again in defense with Albicy and Stevic, which led to three consecutive baskets for the yellow box, two of them out of three, which set a new maximum income in their favor (59-66, m.36) .

A 0-17 partial that continued to grow despite the time-out requested by Plaza, he assured, certified the visiting victory against a Betic team that always played with dignity and gave everything until the end, despite the losses and not playing anything , but he could not avoid the triumph of Gran Canaria (69-74), which was the one that was doing the best in the game.

Data sheet:

69 – Coosur Real Betis (22 + 8 + 24 + 15): Campbell (14), Borg (4), Almazán (6), Nick Kay (9), Jordan (5) -the starting five-, Ndoye (7), Randle (5), Mike Torres (10), Spiers (-) , Tisma (-) and Ouattara (9).

74 – Herbalife Gran Canaria (11 + 23 + 15 + 25): Slaughter (17), Okoye (-), Dimsa (2), Balcerowski (-), Costello (7) -initial five-, Albicy (-), Javi López (-), Beirán (11), Stevic (8), Diop (2) and Shurna (27).

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Luis Miguel Castillo and Alfonso Olivares. They eliminated the visitor Albicy by five personnel (min.39).

Incidents: Match of the thirty-eighth and last day of the Endesa League played behind closed doors at the Palacio Municipal de Deportes San Pablo.

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