The first ticket to the semifinals already has an owner in a LEB Gold League who gave the pass to Leyma Coruña in an even final resolved with masteries by Zach Monaghan.

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PLAYOFFS PROMOTION: Leyma Coruña acquires the only ticket to the semifinals

Leyma Coruña vs Liberbank Oviedo (69-70 / 0-2) / Statistics

Zach Monaghan avoids the third game with a winning basket

Victory worked and suffered for a Leyma Coruña who had to wait until the last gasp of the match to certify his pass to the semifinals. And that the whole of Sergio García came to have a game that had started with an exchange of blows during the first bars before the Coruña opened a gap at the beginning of the second quarter. Some differences that came thanks to his ability to close the defensive rebound to be able to run the track (16-25). Thus, the visitors were able to cause the first time-out of a Natxo Lezkano who was trying to solve his team’s first problems on the board when it came to overcoming the pressure from A Coruña (19-29). With a dozen goals in their favor, the Coruña team was able to feel comfortable on the track stretching the differences until the final stage of the crash. There, the exclusion of coach Natxo Lezkano seemed to boost a Liberbank Oviedo that seemed to give a blow of authority on the table (45-55). It was, from that very moment, when a triple by Saúl Blanco started a comeback that led to a point down on the electronic score and a ball in his favor in the last minute of the game with the Asturians. Speight did not think about it and assumed command to choose the winning basket 13 “from the end (69-68), but his launch found the replica with a Zach Monaghan bomb that reversed the luck of both teams to send the Coruña to the semifinals (69-70).

J.1: Leyma Coruña vs Liberbank Oviedo (74-66 / 1-0)
J.2: Liberbank Oviedo vs Leyma Coruña (69-70 / 0-2)

MVP: Elijah Brown (Liberbank Oviedo) – 17 valuation

Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs Río Breogán (88-81 / 1-1) / Statistics

The winning inertia of the Breogán River collides with the best Balearic version

They had a bad start to the game, came back when Kevin Larsen entered the scene and let the victory slip away in extra time. That could be the summary of the night starring a Río Breogán that could not return from Palma de Mallorca with a pass to the semifinals for which they will fight again next Saturday. Because Palmer Alma Mediterránea knew how to bravely play a match in which Kullamae’s good work was key for his team to achieve significant income throughout the first minutes (21-10). Little by little the Lugo team managed to recover its usual scoring flow to prevent the differences from getting more during the break (43-30), but it was not until the start of the second half that the inertia of the game began to change. Because the irruption on the court of a Kevin Larsen “touched” led to 12 points in as many minutes for a player who added seven rebounds to his statistics that were well worth to end up forcing extra time after many minutes of disadvantage (73-73). And that those of Diego Epifanio had come to have a match ball, but that error seemed to detract from confidence in an added time in which Harrell and Kullamae returned to their best numbers to certify the 1-1 of a series that will return to Lugo like this (88-81).

J.1: Rio Breogán vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea (87-72 / 1-0)
J.2: Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs Río Breogán (88-81 / 1-1)

MVP: R. Harrell and K. Kullamae (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) – 26 rating

HLA Alicante vs TAU Castelló (71-66 / 1-1) / Statistics

The magic of Ferrándiz returns HLA Alicante to Castelló

It seemed complicated that HLA Alicante could dispute the victory on a night they arrived marked by injuries and counting on the vital loss of base Pedro Llompart. A handicap that, however, seemed to extract the best choral version of Pedro Rivero’s men in a match in which TAU Castelló had been able to impose their rhythm during the first quarter (17-18). But the good start of Toni Ten’s men did not undermine the morale of the Alicante team in the least, who was able to resist the rhythm of the game during the second quarter (40-41) before starring in a whole change of dynamics with the start of the second part. Because, once at that point, the success of Alejandro Galán in the painting began to be decisive for Pedro Rivero’s team to assume command in the electronic system throughout a final section in which they were able to take the game to the limit . A field in which Alicante knew how to move better than their rival to earn the right to return to Castelló next Saturday (71-66).

J.1: TAU Castelló vs HLA Alicante (78-70 / 1-0)
J.2: HLA Alicante vs TAU Castelló (71-66 / 1-1)

MVP: Álex Galán (HLA Alicante) – 23 rating

Real Murcia Basketball vs Covirán Granada (69-62 / 1-1) / Statistics

The exciting Real Murcia gives a new blow to his fiefdom

With their homework done a few weeks ago and with absolutely nothing to lose, Real Murcia Baloncesto jumped onto the court ready to extend a historic season for the entity. A desire that was reflected on the parquet from the first bars of a match in which the Murcian began very intense in defense to cut the scoring routes of their rival. All a work that began to bear fruit in the electronic and that seemed to increase its results with the pressure of the team on the bases of the Andalusian team (20-19). The local inertia was maintained throughout a second quarter in which Pablo Pin’s men could not impose their rhythm against a team reinforced in their intentions as the minutes progressed in order to gain confidence (39-38). It was, after passing through the changing rooms, when the Hernández-Robinson duo began to bear fruit to acquire the first important income throughout the game, a step forward to which Thomas Bropleh tried to respond from long distance although, by then , Rafa Monclova’s men were full of confidence when it came to closing the victory. In this way, Real Murcia made it 1-1 in the series, earning the right to return to Granada (69-62).

J.1: Covirán Granada vs Real Murcia (73-69 / 1-0)
J.2: Real Murcia vs Covirán Granada (69-62 / 1-1)

MVP: Bamba Fall (HLA Alicante) – 18 rating