Neither Valencia Basket nor Casademont Zaragoza made mistakes in their early duels on a Friday night in which both teams won two wins in their respective locker. Neither did their fellow battlers in the fight for the top positions, much less a Tenerife that came up from below with an important victory in Bembibre in the duel that closed the day.

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It was not an easy match given the entity of an increasingly rocky rival in their fiefdom, but Valencia Basket was able to score the first win of the day while staying true to their style. Because Rubén Burgos’s team showed themselves to be an intense team from the initial jump to take over the tempo of the game and set the pace of the game. A Cristina Ouviña was in charge of it, who shone on her return home to obtain the best possible performance from her companions. Especially from Irziar Germán and Celeste Trahan Davis who were key in the devastating partial of a second quarter that helped Rubén Burgos’s to break the game. Because the great meeting of Vega Gimeno was of little value for a Casademont Zaragoza whose face in the second half invites optimism in the face of the imminent dispute of the Copa de la Reina (74-84).

In the second assault of the night, a really similar script for a Spar Girona that burst into the Josean Gasca to be able to add positive before their European duel. A clash in which Gardner’s talent was key for the Girona team to go into the first intermission with 28 points scored. A winning inertia that did a lot of damage to the morale of Azu Muguruza’s men to enter in tow in a second quarter in which they recovered the scoring rhythm in attack without being able to worry their rival. Because Spar Girona had arrived in San Sebastián ready to take the victory and this was demonstrated in a second half in which they could do little and the home team (72-87).

Already on Saturday afternoon, full of local victories with honorable mention for those achieved from above by Perfumerías Avenida, Cadí La Seu and Lointek Gernika, who did not give their rivals options, taking advantage of the talent of players like Hof and Moore to be able to break their respective meetings. Who did not fail either was an intractable Spar Gran Canaria in their fiefdom to get closer to the Playoffs for the title.

In the last match of the day, an important step in front of Tenerife, away from home and against a direct rival such as Pajariel Bembibre. A clash that was resolved until extra time where the rim seemed to close for the bercianas, putting everything in front of a rival that did not take long to close a valuable victory (73-76).


– Casademont Zaragoza vs. Valencia BC (74-84) | MVP: V. Gimeno – 26 val.
– IDK Euskotren vs. Spar Girona (72-87) | MVP: R. Gardner – 30 val.
– Movistar Students vs. Baxi Ferrol (80-65) | MVP: M. Ortiz – 25 val.
– Avenida Perfumeries vs Kutxabank Araski (75-56) | MVP: E. Hof – 24 val.
– Lointek Gernika vs. Durán M. Ensino (84-75) | MVP: T. Moore – 42 val.
– SPAR Gran Canaria vs Campus Promete (70-61) | MVP: J. Nogic – 29 val.
– Cadí la Seu vs. Innova-tsn Leganés (76-56) | MVP: V. Pierre Louis – 25 val.
– Amb. Pajariel Bembibre vs. Tenerife (73-76) | MVP: T. Krivacevic – 20 val.