The newly re-elected president of Melilla Sport Capital, Jaime Auday, offered a press conference this Thursday morning before the local media. The maximum Azulino president explained the reasons that have led him to present himself again for the club’s presidency and the new lines of work that he wishes to project in his new mandate. Nor did he want to miss the opportunity to take stock of the season and talk about the departure of Alejandro Alcoba.

CHANGE OF OPINION: “This press conference was going to be a farewell, because I had made the decision to leave the club, I had even transferred it to the Board of Directors and the Counselor, but last minute reasons have made me change the decision” .

RACHID BUSSIAN KEY IN HIS DECISION TO CONTINUE: “Everyone told me that if I left the club would disappear. I’ve waited until the last minute to see if anyone wanted to introduce themselves. My decision was irrevocable, but at the last minute a meeting with the Councilor Rachid Bussian made me change my decision around eleven o’clock at night ”.

MEETING WITH THE COUNSELOR: “He conveyed his confidence in me one hundred percent. He also told me that the Melilla Basketball Club is an important part of the Melilla Sport Capital project and that in the future he will see the team at ACB. Another of the things that he told me and that has been important in my decision to present myself again is the new project for the pavilion ”.

SEASON BALANCE: “The season has been a suffering, especially the final stretch in the group due to permanence. It’s something we weren’t used to. It was a second part of the dramatic league ”.

ALEJANDRO ALCOBA: “I knew about Alejandro Alcoba, because four or five months ago he told me about his intention to leave the club. Apart from being a coach, he has been a good friend and I wish him the best. I hope that he can continue fulfilling his dreams as a coach ”.

LINES OF THE NEW PROJECT: “I have not had time to sit down and see the project I want to carry out, but it is clear that the objectives are going to be to continue a season at LEB Oro and try to re-engage the fans after this period without an audience for COVID-19 “.

REQUEST TO CHANGE THE TIME: “Another of the things and requests that I have told the Counselor has been to play on Sundays. I asked him last season and it couldn’t be, but it was one of the conditions that I asked him in exchange for continuing to lead the club. For me it is fundamental ”.