ORNicaragua yesterday added 75-81 in Illumbe its second consecutive victory, after Sunday’s on the Baskonia court, and clings to the fight to enter the playoff after sleeping eighth. The game, Illumbe’s farewell to Gipuzkoa Basket of the ACB in Illumbe was bad until Jaime Fernández controlled it and guided his team to success.

The match started with alternatives, with Gipuzkoa Basket opening the scoreboard, with a Radoncic basket, and Unicaja taking the lead for the first time with a triple by Brizuela, who played at home, for the last time we will see how long.

Five points in a row from Dee returned the advantage to the hosts, but the visitors also got them later, to then enter both teams in a streak of errors that only ended the horn after the first ten minutes (12-12).

The change of room did not change at all, because both Nicola’s and Katsikaris’s continued to miss more than hit, without either connecting a few good baskets. A triple by Abromaitis put the Malaga players up five, 17-22, but the GBC immediately approached again.

Waczynski insisted on trying to take advantage with another success beyond 6.75, already with Jaime Fernández beginning to dominate the rhythm of the clash, with a 22-29 that remained at rest at 25-29 after scoring Jaime Echenique, who He reappeared after overcoming the serious injury he had four and a half months ago.

Unicaja resumed the match wanting to go on the scoreboard, but his game only gave him six or seven rental points, so as soon as he missed two attacks and Gipuzkoa Basket hit them towards the rubber on the scoreboard. From 25-32 to 30-32, from 37-43 to 43-43 … It did not open any more gap to the anger of Katsikaris, who threw the board a couple of times to the Illumbe floor.

Echenique’s return to the court put the Donostiarras ahead after a long time, 46-43, and the Malaga coach remembered Jaime Fernández again to seek the same effect and found him just before the final period (48-49 ).

Two of the best plays of Gipuzkoa Basket, with baskets by Dee and Okouo, returned control to Nicola’s men. Thompson answered with a triple, Dee got another, Jaime Fernández did not want to be less, Span signed up for the party, but on the 3rd of Unicaja he wanted to be the man of the match and contributed three more baskets than, with another from Brizuela and a later one from Guerrero then did break the match, with a 65-74 that finally remained at 75-81, the last ACB result in Illumbe.

Data sheet

  • 75.- Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket (12 + 13 + 23 + 27): Faggiano (7), Tomás (7), Dee (19), Radoncic (11), Okouo (19) – starting five- Magarity, Carlson (2), Olaizola, Span (5), Motos, Echenique (5).
  • 81.- Unicaja (12 + 17 + 20 + 32): Alberto Díaz, Jaime Fernández (19), Brizuela (13), Waczynski (11), Guerrero (8) – starting five- Thompson (9), Abromaitis (9), Boutelle (6), Pablo Alonso (2), Thomas ( 4), Mekel, Pablo Sánchez.

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