The international forward Javier Beirán (2.00m, Madrid, 1987) opens the squad of the Movistar Estudiantes first men’s team, which this season will play the LEB Oro. The world champion in 2019 with the Spanish team returns eleven years later to the club in the who completed his sports training and with which he made his debut in ACB. He arrived at the then MMT Estudiantes in the 2005-06 season, in his first senior year, to reinforce the subsidiary team of the EBA League and the defunct Sub20 Circuit, a competition in which he was two-time champion (2006 and 2007) and MVP in 2007.

The alternative with the professional team would come to him in the 2006-07 season, led by Pedro Martínez. In total, between the subsidiary and the first team, Javi Beirán played five seasons in today’s Movistar Estudiantes (49 games in ACB); and he came out in 2010 looking to “play and have continuity, really see my level.” In his farewell more than a decade ago, he acknowledged that “it is not easy to leave a club like Estu” and recalled “that you never know where you are going to end up, maybe in a few years I can come back …”.

And now Beirán returns, being a fundamental player in understanding Spanish basketball in recent years. A benchmark in the Canary Islands, where it has shone in Herbalife Gran Canaria in two stages (2010-2014 and 2019-2021) and Iberostar Tenerife (2014-2019).

He was a fundamental part of the growth of “Granca” (first League and Cup semifinals, achieving for the first time the best historical position in ACB, 4th, in 2012-13) and one of the leaders of the CB Canarias European and Intercontinental champion.

With the Aurinegro team he not only managed to be champion (2017) and runner-up (2018) of the Basketball Champions League, and champion of the Intercontinental Cup (2019); rather, it was a fundamental part of establishing the team in the fight for the playoffs.

On an individual level, Javier Beirán’s best season was 2018-19: Player of Days 9 and 17, MVP Movistar for November, Endesa Award and Second quintet. His good level that season allowed him to make his debut in the senior Spanish team, first in the qualifying windows for the World Cup; and later in the definitive list that got the gold in China. In total, Beirán has played 396 games in ACB; something that he has combined with his university studies in Business Administration and Management; and Journalism.

What are your first feelings when accepting the Movistar Estudiantes challenge at LEB Oro?

I think it is a very nice challenge, with a clear objective. I am very excited to return to Madrid and to Estudiantes. In the first year that LEB Oro is going to be played, I want to fight for promotion and try to spread this enthusiasm and joy with which I come to the public, who have lived through some bad years and have always been there. Above all I am looking forward to living this challenge with my new teammates, I am prepared for a year that will be tough but also very beautiful.

What do you expect from this year, collectively and individually?

I hope to contribute my experience and my enthusiasm, I come with a lot of desire to work and contribute to the team and meet my colleagues. Collectively, I hope that things go as well as possible, that we engage the fans and have a colorful and cheerful game. May we never lower our arms or take anything for granted. We want the fan who follows the Estudiantes of a lifetime to be reflected in us, to see a team that fights, fights and leaves everything on the track and does everything possible to achieve the goal.

It is going to be a tough year but with a lot of ambition, with a clear objective. What do you expect from the LEB Oro?

The LEB Oro is a league that I have followed, but that I do not know. I will have to be wide-eyed to learn and be prepared for anything, and get to her ASAP. It is a very tough league in which it is difficult to be up all year, we will have very difficult rivals. It is a league that we have to respect and treat the same as if we were in the best league in Europe.

Why have you decided to return to Movistar Estudiantes in such a long time and in this difficult situation?

There was something in me that asked me to go back to Estudiantes in this situation, to be brave. I had offers from ACB and that is why it has been difficult to decide, but in the end my heart has guided me to be brave, to accept this beautiful challenge and to have a sense of belonging to a place where I have been between the EBA league and the first team for five years. and where I would like to be for many years. Thinking about it a lot, I decided that it could be the most exciting challenge I could have and enjoy. He called me back to Estudiantes to help in his first season at LEB Oro to achieve the goal of returning to the Endesa League as soon as possible.

Pancho Janssen: “Beirán is going to be one of the leaders of the dressing room”

Pancho Jasen, Movistar Estudiantes Sports Manager, acknowledges that «we are very happy with the signing of Javi, and we must highlight his willingness to return to play for the club. We can analyze his arrival from two facets: sports and group formation.

«I shared equipment with him; And now he is a proven player, world champion, with a lot of experience in ACB. This allows him to be a player who is going to give us many things on the pitch: knowledge, intelligence, knowing how to play… he has a lot of consistency and contributes to all sectors of the pitch ”, Jasen points out about Beirán.

And regarding the composition of the group, the College Sports Manager highlights that Javi Beirán «is a player who is going to be one of the leaders of the dressing room: he is going to be able to transmit what Movistar Estudiantes is to both the youngest and the new ones who come , the sense of belonging and values ??that we want to highlight and strengthen from the club.