The list of players who have jumped onto an Olympic park rises to 42 Among the five times that Spain has obtained representation in women’s basketball: Barcelona 92, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020. The Catalan base Laia Palau it holds the honor of being the tournament that has played the most tournaments as it is about to participate in its fourth Games when it debuts in the clash against Korea next Monday.

Only American stars Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, with five Games behind them, surpass Palau as active players with more Olympics. In this way, the legend of the Spanish player continues to grow in this important summer for the Women’s National Team. After adding 300 caps in May and equaling Uliana Semiova as the player with the most EuroBasket, Palau is also consolidated asor the Spanish who has played the Games the most times.

His impact on the Games was noticeable from his first experience in Athens 2004. With 9.3 points and 3 assists per game, Palau was one of the important pieces of the team. It was also in Beijing, with 5 points and 2 assists per clash and in Rio 2016, where he finally won the coveted metal by getting the unforgettable silver medal. With 4.5 points and 4.6 assists per game, Palau was the fifth best passer of that championship.

In the ranking of Spanish, Alba Torrens placeholder image tie to Luci Easter as the second player with the most participations. Pascua was present in Athens, Beijing and Rio, while Torrens has played those of Beijing and Rio and now adds the treble with his appearance in Tokyo 2020.

The list of players with two Olympic Games is made up of Marina Ferragut and Betty Cebrián, who were in Barcelona and Athens. In Athens and Beijing they coincided Elisa Aguilar, Amaya Valdemoro and Nuria Martínez, while Laura nicholls he repeated in Beijing and Rio.

Of the players that make up the current National Team, Silvia Domínguez, Laura Gil, Leo Rodríguez and Astou Ndour debuted in Rio 2016, so they live their second Olympic experience. Tamara abalde was present in Beijing and also adds double participation.

The rest of the team’s players, Queralt Casas, Cristina Ouviña, María Conde, Maite Cazorla and Raquel Carrera, will play its first Olympic Games.




Laia Palau (Athens, Beijing, Rio and Tokyo)


Alba Torrens (Beijing, Rio and Tokyo)

Lucila Pascua (Athens, Beijing and Rio)


· Marina Ferragut and Betty Cebrián (Barcelona and Athens)

· Elisa Aguilar, Amaya Valdemoro and Nuria Martínez (Athens and Beijing)

Laura Nicholls (Beijing and Rio)

Tamara Abalde (Beijing and Tokyo)

· Laura Gil, Silvia Domínguez, Leo Rodríguez, and Astou Ndour (Rio and Tokyo)