Laia Palau: “We are not the Rio team but we can repeat it”

“Hopefully in these Games we will continue to climb positions as we have done so far, but what we want is to compete to the fullest and find our way to play. Yes, it is a team under construction, but it can do very nice things “

“In this tournament there are at least eight teams at our same level, and of course I hope we can play the final or fight for the medals, but now we have to focus on the group stage and be as best classified as possible to have better crosses”

“I suppose that I am living these Games in a different way, more intensely, in a particular way, with a fairly high level of emotions, because I am aware that they will be the last and this is a unique experience. In the Olympic Games the illusion passes in front of many things, but always with a lot of desire to compete “

“Obviously, since my first Games, we have experienced a transformation of the team, and I always emphasize that the successes we have achieved have not come overnight. We have been improving and then we have been fortunate that a generation has arrived that has collected the DNA, a very very good and competitive generation. We went to Athens as a gift, and after competing, in Rio we won silver, which I think will be one of the things that we will remember most fondly of our careers “

“There is going to be a lot of equality here. We are not the Rio team, but this does not mean that we cannot repeat it “

Lucas Mondelo: “South Korea? The first game always has pressure ”

“We take it for what it is, the Olympic Games, the most important basketball championship in the world, with many teams with chances of a medal and maximum difficulty. But we are not facing it as a rematch of the Eurobasket but as an opportunity for the team to grow, to be ourselves, which we could not be in the Eurobasket for details and a point of bad luck, that other times we have had good luck “

“I am very happy with the attitude of the team, the entry of Alba has given more confidence and also forces the rivals more”

“We are very close to everything and now it’s time to have a little more luck. The team wants to compete, the Eurobasket has already passed, now it is enjoying the Olympic moment “

“A boat soon, South Korea is the most affordable rival in the group. But without being a crybaby, the first game always has pressure, it will also be at ten in the morning, we will have to get up at six, and they will have nothing to lose, they will come with confidence and without fear, they will play five open games, with intensity and fast, they will not stop and also all shoot triples. If it were another team … but Korea in the first game is a difficulty. But I think we are going to move it forward. The first thing will be to win, of course, but then you have to think about winning by the maximum possible difference because the competition system is very peculiar and being first in the group or better second means that you will be crossed with a rival you can win “

“Of the other two rivals: Serbia is the European champion, so the pressure will be on them. And Canada has great talent and great physique, although it seems to me that they play less as a team. There will be three different games, with totally different approaches, so the rest days between one game and another will come in handy to prepare them “

“The team is very aware, even if it doesn’t say so, that you rarely get a second chance and as often as now after the Eurobasket. And it’s OK. It is not a pressure, it is a gift “