Laura Pena (Barcelona, ??1998) opens in a concentration of the Spanish Selection. He plays point guard, a position always coveted by the high level of game directors in our country. “The base level is very high, in general of all positions, but the base level has always been at another level. All of us who are here have something special and that is why I look not only at the bases but at all”.

As a player, Laura describes herself as a “cold base, who always tries to seek the advantage for the team. In basketball there is more and more muscle, more physicality, I am not a physical player, but I try to take advantage of what I have, I understand the point guard position as a player director and assistant coach”.

He received the call from Miguel Méndez with enthusiasm and also with confidence, because he had already shared a team with the Coach in the 2018 U20 European Championship in which Spain was proclaimed champion.

To get here, Laura has needed a lot of work, but she has done it out of passion. In the future, this player would like to continue being herself. “I would like to look at myself in the mirror and continue recognizing myself, being constant and for my basketball to continue growing”.

“Each one has a path, there are people who go faster at the beginning and I think I have gone more little by little, doing the steps that touched me. I have not had such a great background in training, hopefully the senior one is broader”.