The Spanish Basketball Federation has decided to take advantage of one of the clauses of its contract, and given the non-achievement of the sporting objectives that appear in it, the non-continuity of Lucas Mondelo as Absolute Female Coach. The FEB appreciates the work of Mondelo at the head of the team during these years, but has decided that it is time to seek a new impulse for the Spanish National Team.

After this change, the Federation is already working on the foundations of a new stage for the Women’s National Team, which next year will not participate in the World Cup after failing to get a place in the qualifying phase after finishing the Eurobasket in seventh position. A stage in which the team will continue to face the generational change that has already begun, and in which the FEB hopes that very soon Spain will once again occupy the relevant sporting place in which it has remained in recent years.

Lucas Mondelo took office in 2012 and has led the Women’s National Team in 152 matches, with a balance of 127 victories and 25 defeats, between official and friendly matches. In this time, Spain has won 7 medals in the different championships in which it has participated.