The player Luis Parejo Camacho (02/05/1989) becomes a new player of the Morón Basketball Club in LEB Plata.

The player, a native of Almería, has extensive experience in LEB Oro after seven seasons in Cáceres: five in the gold category and another two in LEB Plata, being the captain of the team during many of those seasons. During the past season he played for Levitec Huesca averaging 7 points, 1.4 assists and a PIR of 6.8.

Luis Parejo will bring talent, points and experience from the perimeter to our team.

A player of another category that we can enjoy at the Alameda.


Sports Career:
2008/09: Basketball Fuenlabrada (EBA)
2009/10: CB Illescas (SILVER LEB)
2010/11: CBD Friendship and Sport (LEB GOLD)
2010/11: CB TIjola (SILVER LEB)
2011/12: Carrefour El Bulevar El Ávila (SILVER LEB)
2012/13: Friends Castelló (SILVER LEB)
2013/15: Cáceres World Heritage Site (LEB SILVER)
2015/20: Cáceres World Heritage Site (LEB ORO)
2020/21: Levitec Huesca (LEB GOLD)

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