ANDhe Baxi Manresa finished off his remarkable season by beating Baskonia in a final game with great emotion, which allows the Catalan team to dream more strongly of being in the Basketball Champions League next season.

The Manresa were leading by seven points with two minutes to go, but the Basques came back to only place one point. An unsportsmanlike action by Sedekeskis and two free throws scored by Rafa Martínez certified the victory by the minimum.

Baskonia started attacking the area very aggressively and finding easy baskets after layup. Manresa chose to shoot more than three points but did so with a mistake (2/9 in the fourth). Despite this, those of Pedro Martínez followed in the wake of their rival (11-15 min 7). A basket by Colom on the horn prevented the Manresa from leaving with an advantage at the end of the first ten minutes.

The start of the second quarter was marked by the defense of both teams, with very aggressive passing lanes and forcing losses on both sides of the court. Manresa managed to slow down the rhythm of Baskonia and with a little more success in the triple, took command of the game for the first time (29-25 min 16). The Nou Congost team closed their defensive rebound better and found their rhythm in attack to go ahead on the scoreboard at halftime.

Baskonia entered the game better after the break, improving and finding rhythm in attack, but still could not regain command of the game. The local team continued to show a good defensive level and from that facet of the game dominated the scoreboard (52-45 min 28). The locals put one more march in the last two minutes and took a ten-point lead before the fourth quarter.

The last quarter began with a mistake on the part of the two teams. Even so, Manresa showed greater intensity in the game and Baskonia, except for flashes, was not able to impose its rhythm. The Vitoria team had not said the last one and in the final section they went up point by point until they were only one point apart with 20 seconds to go. Henry had the shot to get ahead, but missed and Rafa Martínez scored two free throws that certified the local victory.

Data sheet:

71. Manresa: Peñarroya (12), D. Garcia (0), Hinrichs (6), BAez (6), R. Martinez (13), Sajus (0), Vaulet (9), Janning (8), Eatherton (6), Sima (9), Pantzar (2)

68. Baskonia: Raieste (0), Massenat (2), Jekiri (17) ,, Henry (18), Sedekerrskis (8), Colom (4), Diop (0), Fall (2), DRagic (5), Giedraitis (11) , Kurucs (1)

Partials: 18-19 / 24-15 / 15-13 / 14-21

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Alberto Sánchez, Rubén Sánchez. Without eliminated

Nou Congost pavilion.

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