The preseason for the Valencia Basket women’s team is approaching and Marie Gülich has decided to return earlier to settle again in the city and start working individually. Faced with a demanding season and after a summer in which she has been able to rest, the German wants to return one hundred percent.

The inner player began by telling how she enjoyed her vacation: “I have visited my family in Germany, I have done some rehabilitation with a coach of the national team, I have done many hiking routes with my dog ??and my cousin and I have visited my father in France. The last month I have spent training with my coach, I also did some basketball separately with Alba Berlin. I know there is a Spanish connection with this team and it is very cool. I also participated in the 3×3 ”Quai 54 de Paris.

In an atypical summer for her, without playing the WNBA and without Germany classified for the Olympics, she was able to take advantage to rest: “I have been able to recharge my batteries, especially after three years in which I had played non-stop. I have been able to enjoy a summer of rest, take a step back and recover from all this time, but also reflect on everything from last season, especially with the COVID that made everything much more difficult than a normal season ”.

Gülich was the first Taronja player to arrive before the start of the preseason. “I wanted to settle in my apartment and obviously Valencia is a very beautiful city, so it is always good to come back a little earlier to explore it a little bit and enjoy this before it starts to get busy. Also, I have these facilities where I can train, play basketball. It was important for me to have a little more rhythm before the start of the preseason, ”explained the center.

Regarding what awaits the team this season, Gülich confesses that he has been “all summer wanting to go back and see my teammates again and get together. We are the same group. I hope we stick together, work with the things that worked last season, and come back stronger. My colleagues who have been to the Olympics have worked a lot all summer and now they are the ones who need a break before returning ”.

One of the most immediate objectives, apart from the LF Endesa Super Cup, is qualification for the EuroLeague Women: “There are no easy teams in the Euroleague preview. Both Bourges and Schio have played in the Euroleague, they are both established as good teams doing good performances every year. It is a great challenge for us, but we must not be afraid. We have the talent, we have the players and we have everything it takes to be able to beat those teams. It is up to us to put all of that together and go with confidence to achieve it ”.

On a personal level, Gülich is clear: “My challenge is to stay the whole season without all those ups and downs. To be consistent. I know last season was good, then bad, then COVID, which cost me to get back in shape and play well … This year it is important for me to find consistency in my game. ”