ANDthe coach of Real Madrid, Chus Mateoavoided excessive optimism after beating Barça on Monday in the first game of the Endesa League finals, played at the Palau Blaugrana (75-88).

This will be a long and intense fight and we have won only the first battle. We’re happy to have won, but it’s just a game. This game ends right here and another one begins in two days and we are going to focus on just that,” said the white coach.

Mateo was satisfied with the consistency of his team: “We have played a very serious match. We have come out very focused from the minute 1. We know that the Palau is a very complicated stadium, you have to do 40 very good minutes and from the first moment I have seen that the players were very involved”.

Hanga has played very well and has managed the pace of the game in a position that is not his. We have a deficit of bases that we have been dragging and both he and Deck and Núñez have been very good”, underlined the Real Madrid coach.

Mateo highlighted the “ambition”, “energy” and “a lot of character” shown by his team on the floor of the Palau Blaugrana: “We are a team that does not like to loseand this year he has had to go through moments with the defeat that have made us stronger and I hope that it shows in this final round”.

We were waiting for them to tighten at some point. They are a champion team and I was going to come from behind to turn the game around. We knew it would happen. At that moment we have shown our unity and we have come out of a dangerous moment well”, Mateo valued about Barça’s comeback attempt.

The white coach acknowledged that the injury suffered by Anthony Randolph in his left knee “looks ugly” and regretted that a player “who has been suffering from injuries for a long time, has to have a serious injury.”