After growing up in Calgary, Canada, Mathieu Kamba made the leap to the college league with the University of Central Arkansas, playing four seasons with the Bears and averaging more than 11 points scored per game. In the 18/19 campaign, he made his debut in the LEB Oro with Sáenz Horeca Araberri, playing all 34 regular season games. Later, he signed for Leyma Coruña, and last season he changed teams again, wearing the Melilla Sport Capital elastic, with which he achieved 9.8 average valuation credits thanks to his 12.9 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1 assist per game.

Héctor Galán, general director of the Oviedo Club Baloncesto, values ??this recent signing: “We are happy to announce the addition of Mathieu Kamba to the team for this next season. He comes to complete the outside game of the group, which knows the competition perfectly, since it has played these seasons at a very good level in different teams. We believe that he comes to contribute points, physique, intensity, rebound, defense … he is a very complete player who has been doing it for the better every year and we hope that he can adapt perfectly to the configuration of the team. There is less left to complete the squad, and now welcome and wish Mathieu all the luck in the world, and as we always do, hope that he has a quick adaptation to the city, to the club … so that he has the best of the seasons and to help the team compete again ”.