In the assembly hall of the Miguel de Cervantes European University, located in, the Rector, David García López, has been in charge of starting the appearance. “Sports practice underlies a series of values ??that we share in our university. This project, which is yet to be done and from which great ideas are going to emerge, is one of our great pillars in a first-class environment with roots in the city. We believe that this agreement is a meeting place between two communities, that of the UEMC and that of the Blanquivioleta Club, something that fills us with pride and enthusiasm ”, Opened.

The president of the UEMC RV Basketball, Mike Hansen, took the baton and continued in the line of illusion. “We warmly appreciate this support and convey the satisfaction and enthusiasm of this agreement, a link between education and sport, which is always positive. These ties already come from the previous season with the sponsorship of the subsidiary team, which also entailed training scholarships for our players and which fulfilled the dream of being promoted to the EBA League. As John Wooden said: “My best potential is us”. And I think we are going to form a great team, “said the Blanquivioleta president.

Next, and on behalf of the host entity, Jesús Zarzuela, member of the Board of Directors of the Miguel de Cervantes University, offered more details about the scope of the joint project. “It is a special day, of celebration, and with this beautiful event. We feel very identified with the values ??of sport and that is why we want to carry out a social-sports project that goes beyond a simple sponsorship. In addition to our academic responsibility, we want to be social agents, improving society and sport is an integrating and facilitating element. We take another step forward by launching the ‘UEMC We Are Sport’ program and the main exponent is the agreement with Real Valladolid Baloncesto ”, explained.

For his part, David Espinar, Director of the Office of the Presidency of Real Valladolid CF, thanked the Miguel de Cervantes European University for its commitment to the Blanquivioleta Club. “The university complies with a parameter that we cannot forget and it is that faith shown as the traveling companions that they are and that we feel like ours, since they are more than a sponsor. And this can be extended to football, since both sections share this feeling and the idea of ??making a better Club together and making people better as well. The trust and commitment shown is appreciated ”, valued.

Finally, during the appearance, another of the novelties of the agreement between both parties was also detailed: the creation of the UEMC Real Valladolid Peña, which will bring another twist to the magnificent atmosphere of the Pisuerga Sports Center. In addition, Mike Hansen wanted to thank the role of the previous main sponsors, Clínica Sur and Grupo Aspasia, “for their effort and support from the beginning of the Club ”.

The presentation closed with a brilliant staging by the Miguel de Cervantes European University and the signature of all parties on a basketball that ratified, in the best possible way, a union that was born in an unbeatable way.