The Montenegrin recognizes that he is very excited to return to our country and, furthermore, to do so in a club like the Azulino: “I am very excited, eager and happy to play in Melilla and, of course, to return to Spain. I am very motivated and eager to demonstrate ”.

Rako?evi? comes to the team after the departure of DJ Fenner, a fact that the Dean’s new player does not give importance to and if the interest that the club showed in him when incorporating him: “It does not matter if they sign you at the beginning or at the end. What I would like is to thank the coaching staff and the management of Melilla Sport Capital for the trust placed in me ”.

The Balkan exterior, which was sought after by various teams, explains that there have been many factors that have finally led him to accept Melilla’s proposal: “Obviously I have tried to find out about the club and the city from former colleagues who have been there. I have already been to the city on several occasions with other clubs and it seems to me a city that is quite good. In addition, it has a beach that is very important to me. I am convinced that I will be very comfortable there. I also had a talk with Arturo that was very important to make up my mind ”.

The new Azulino signing is called to be a reference for Arturo Álvarez, although the player downplays it and focuses on the group: “I think we have a very complete team with great players. One day it will be me, another day another partner. I’m going to Melilla to do things well, to compete and win as many games as possible ”.

“I am looking forward to meeting my teammates and the coaching staff. Very motivated to start the preseason training now, ”concludes Rako?evi?, who will join the preseason next week.