TOlbert Oliver, who turned 43 on June 4, will continue one more year in the ranks of Monbus Obradoiro, a club he joined last season with a two-month temporary contract to replace the injury of Ozmizrak, which he renewed until end of the season. The Egarense point guard ended up playing 33 games, in which he averaged 3.7 points (44.7% in shots from two, 38.1% in triples and 87.2% in free throws) and 2 assists in 15.09 minutes.

Oliver, except unforeseen, will equal the record of playing at the age of 43 in the ACB held by another former worker, Higgins, and threatens the record of the American Darryl Middleton, who came to play at the age of 44 in the highest category of Spanish basketball.

The Barcelona player has confessed to being “very happy to continue another year at Monbus Obradoiro”. “This was my first choice. I wanted to continue here. Last year I really enjoyed myself and I think I can continue to do so,” he added.

Oliver wanted to emphasize that “it was a very atypical season.” “That is why I would like to emphasize that we continue to be a family despite all the difficulties and we have always been united, both in good and bad moments. That helped to achieve the objectives. And we want to continue being that family,” he commented.

The Obradoirista base stated that his idea is “to try to help the team as much as possible, in each training session and game, but also off the court.” “As a group, we have to try to have a good preseason. Get together as soon as possible to get to know each other well and cross our fingers so that we don’t get injured. Last year we suffered a lot and hopefully this is different,” he said.

Oliver knows what it’s like to play with all the Obradoirista fans in the stands, but he lived it with another team. In the last game, with a reduced capacity in Sar, he had a little idea of ??what it will be like to do it in a season in which it is expected that the halls can be filled again: “I want to thank the subscribers. We know what they did a great effort to keep their card in a time of pandemic with the difficulties we are experiencing. They showed what this club means to them. We know that we have a loyal fan base, which is always there with us. And we can’t wait to see them again in Sar. I know how this hobby is, but we really want the pavilion to be filled again. We will try to make them enjoy as much as possible so that they are proud of the team, “he concluded.

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