ANDhe start of the 2021-2022 campaign is still a long way from Unicaja already on vacation after his bad regular season. The Los Guindos team will have to wait to be able to hear the sound of the ball bouncing in the Carpena again. However, in the offices things are going to have to move much sooner. Not only in terms of transfers, the Unicaja has to decide in the next few days whether to continue playing the Eurocup as up to now or bet on the Basketball Champions League. Namely, choose between Euroleague or FIBA.

The Eurocup has offered a invitation for the next three campaigns, same offer that the FIBA for its format in Champions. According to various media, there are many options that the Costa del Sol team decide to change sides. A decision that would confirm the moment of the doldrums that the Unicaja. As the newspaper explained Malaga Today from the Spanish Basketball Federation, with Garbajosa at the head, it is not seen with bad eyes decision still not taken but with the first steps started, pointed out the aforementioned Malaga newspaper.

One million euros to the FIBA ??Champions champion

The tournament champion of the FIBA receives one million euros. A figure to which others should be added 200,000 euros extra for passing from the regular phase of groups until the quarterfinals. The San Pablo Burgos, who has won the last two editions of the competition, is a good example of this. Unicaja would undoubtedly be one of the favorites in the competition. The only doubt of the Los Guindos club is to dare to take a definitive step and break a 20-year relationship with the Euroleague since the 2001 Korac Cup. Eurocup or Champions, the open dilemma in Unicaja ?.

The restructuring of the board

The typewriter activity does not remain only in the profile of what can happen on the track. In the next few hours the names of the four new directors of the Board of Directors will be officially announced -all indicates that they will be Antonio Jesus Lopez Nieto (former international referee), Rafael Fernandez (former club president), Marta Bravo (head of the bank’s technical office) and Antonio López Exposito (director of the Foundation). They will not be the only changes. The club is today without president and without sports director. The club intends to resolve it on an interim basis for now while Juanma Rodríguez sounds for the technical secretariat, as he points out Malaga Opinion and has been able to confirm BRAND.

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