Oscar’s numbers last season undoubtedly endorse him. The Spaniard scored 7.1 points, grabbed 3.2 rebounds and distributed 5.3 assists to get an average rating of the season of 13.7 being the second best assistant in the first phase and the best assistant in the second phase of the league. He has also been the second best point guard in the league after the Catalan Lluis Costa who played for Covirán Granada.

These were Alvarado’s words after signing, “I feel indebted to the TAU Castelló. Last year we built something incredible that we couldn’t finish. I believe in this project, a serious project, one that gives stability and that looks the teams above. It is not easy to find continuity in LEB Oro. I totally identify with Toni Ten’s basketball and I want to stay to continue contributing my bit to this great project that deserves a better ending than we had last year ”.

For his part, President Luis García was very satisfied, “it was one of the club’s objectives to be able to renew Oscar Alvarado and we have achieved it. He is a great player as he demonstrated last season and a fundamental pillar in this continuity project, and that is why we have committed ourselves to both parties for two years ”.

Now the club is moving in incorporating another exterior piece and two players from the paint.