Cris Ouviña: “The team is confident, but with its feet on the ground”

“The team is doing well, with a lot of confidence, because we have played very well and adding all of them. Knowing that we have beaten Serbia, who are European champions, is a boost of energy, but we also have our feet on the ground because we are aware that we still have nothing done. In any case, that victory was important ”.

“Canada is another final. What we have done against Serbia is very good and puts us in a good position, but in the end nothing is done. Tomorrow’s game is another final that must be overcome yes or yes to achieve the goal of being first in the group ”.

Lucas Mondelo: “We don’t think about the margin we have; we only think about winning”

“Canada is a very physical team and like all physical teams they create problems for us due to size and kilos. It is a team that plays very inside, with a lot of play in transition and penetrations. We want to force them not to run and we are going to work so that they don’t they can put balls in with ease. In attack, we will try to punish their weak side, their play off the ball, and their defense of the direct ones. We know we have a margin of 9 points, but we do not think about it. We want to win the game and stay The first thing is a mattress, just in case. “

“The feelings of the team are very good. This summer many things have happened to us: situations of bad luck, injuries, others caused by COVID, lack of games … and in a year in which many young people who have They have to take their roles. And little by little we are building the team, as we did in 2012 and 2013. A team that is showing more and more signs of cohesion and of what it can become. In this present we want to do a good role and compete in the Games for the European 2023 and the 2024 Olympic Games to continue this prodigious decade that we have had with the new generations “.