ANDthis friday, the Valencia Basket officially presented to Joan Peñarroya as your new coach. After an iconic stage in Burgos, Peñarroya lands in Valencia to direct the taronja project for at least one season.

The one of Terrassa He reviewed his first days as Valencia Basket coach at MARCA, making it clear, among other things, how he wants to make his new team play, what his particular goals are and explaining what it means to sign only until June 30, 2022.

In fact, this contractual situation was one of the reasons why the official confirmation was delayed more than expected: “It is what it is. When we started talking a few weeks ago, that was one of the issues that was on the table and I am the one who has the option to accept or not. “

Although the intention was to sign for another season, Peñarroya is not afraid of being a coach for a year: “I had never signed a one-year contract, but it won’t be a problem. Sometimes you have the feeling that the coach does not act the same if he only signs one year and that is not my case. Nor am I afraid that no player believes that he can take me as he wants because I only have one year of contract. “

Precisely about the players, Peñarroya rejects the idea that returning to the Eurocup could be a slowdown in the ambition of some heavyweights in the locker room: “The word ‘accommodation’ does not exist in my book. I do not like it. I know that I am going to find a dressing room that will want to do things well and give a show to the fans. “

One more year, Valencia is in a process of change. Some players like Joan Tailor or Fernando San Emeterio they are not clear about their future when their contract ends in the next few days while Guillem Vives or Derrick Williams they have already finished their taronja stage.

Meanwhile, Peñarroya is already weaving what will be your new template: “We are working hand in hand with the sports management. We want to have the best possible players. We know the players that follow and some renewal and some signings need to be closed. It is time to analyze and think about what could be better for the team. “

What the new Taronja coach is clear about is what he cannot miss in his dressing room: “Effort and generosity cannot be doubted. From there, to play good basketball. You have to offer a show and that people leave the Fonteta happy. And if we manage to do it while losing, it will be the confirmation that we are doing it well. “

“I would like to win the Euroleague with Valencia, but …”

In his previous appearance, Peñarroya did not want to set clear objectives at the club level although he did not reject the pressure: “To me I don’t care about the pressure, but say now that we will win the ACB, the Copa del Rey and the Eurocup it is of no use to us. I would like win the Euroleague with Valencia, but I can’t think of final goals when you have to do a lot of things first and also do them well “.

In addition, he had time to joke about his character and his style manual: “You see me in time-outs, but I’m not always like that. I have picked up brushstrokes from my coaches and also from my players. I have learned and learn a lot from them. But I have my character and my way of playing. I’m not going to be a Balkan, a Russian, or a Algeciras and neither of Barcelona. I’m going to be myself. “

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