During the first quarter it was all Maya Moore and Ros Casares and during the second quarter Avenidas came back strong on defense and finished on easy missed shots from the first quarter. Avenidas also put a stop to Moore’s first quarter. After the first half, Avenida smothered Ros on defense which allowed for easy baskets. Maya Moore and Anne Wauters helped push Ros Casares in the last quarter but it was not enough with De Souza inside with second point chances and her 7 offensive rebounds.

Erika De Souza was the important piece for Avenida on offense and defense, which earned her the MVP of the tournament. De Souza finished with 17 points and 13 rebounds.

It was a great game, but the fans of Perfumerias helped bring home the title against rivals Ros Casares: 68-57

Box Score