Gambling for permanence in the category on a double heads or tails, Zentro Basket Madrid has been able to add this Saturday a valuable triumph that will allow the people of Madrid to travel to Tarragona with 12 goals in their favor (78-66) . For its part, Hozono Global Jairis signed a draw in their duel on Sunday against Aquimisa Carbajosa and both teams will play the permanence in Salamanca (64-64).


The permanence is at this time a little closer for one of the debutants of the category, a Zentro Basket Madrid who was able to prevail by 12 points in his fiefdom before moving next week to Tarragona where Berni Álvarez’s will have the Obligation to come back to avoid relegation to the EBA League. In the other tie, Hozono Global Jairis signed a table with Aquimisa Carbajosa after concluding their match with a draw that will leave the series completely open for the return leg

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PLAYOFFS PERMANENCE: Zentro Basket takes the first step firmly

It will be next weekend when Zentro Basket Madrid travels to Tarragona in search of permanence in the category, a real battle within their first year in the competition and for which they will have an income of 12 points in their favor after the serious triumph achieved by the Madrilenians during the first leg. Much more even will be shown the duel between Murcia and Salamanca who could not overcome the tie in their duel in Alcantarilla.


Zentro Basket Madrid vs Ibersol CB Tarragona (78-66) / Statistics

The debutant wins the first game against the historical one in one night to gain confidence

In a duel that was not without difficulty, given the historical background of the rival, Zentro Basket Madrid was able to sign a valuable victory that will allow Alonso de Madariaga’s team to be able to opt to remain in the second leg with a certain tranquility. Because the 12 points achieved by the Madrilenians were based on solid foundations once the good start of a Tarragona team had been solved, which had come to see 7 points up at the end of the first quarter (16-23). But the inertia generated in attack by men like Adrià Duch or Jaume Zanca did not find continuity when Zentro Basket increased the pressure on the passing lanes to become strong minutes before the break (37-37). With 20 minutes of time consumed, the second half proposed a “new” 60-minute tie in which its first third was going to be extremely valuable. This is how the locals understood it with a good start at the beginning of the second half with which to take a comfortable income for the end of the game (58-52). A step forward backed by a great rebounding superiority with which to completely annul those of Berni Álvarez to put the direct to a victory set at 12 points of advantage (78-66).

MVP: Agustín Barreiro (Zentro Basket Madrid) – 26 valuation


Hozono Global Jairis vs Aquimisa Carbajosa (64-64)
/ Statistics

Diego Alderete leads a comeback to end with a draw

The Hozono Global Jairis could well have closed their duel with a small income that would have allowed them to travel to Salamanca with greater peace of mind, but the good start of the game for the Murcian team (21-13) faded as the minutes passed. This was done by an Aquimisa Carbajosa who did not lower his arms at any time and was able to invest his luck thinking long term. A stellar Diego Alderete was in charge of this in the hottest moments of the game and, especially, in a last quarter to which his team had reached ten points below (54-44). It was at that moment when the visiting team offered their best defensive version to reverse their luck and be able to sign a draw that leaves everything to be decided for the second leg (64-64).

MVP: Diego Alderete (Aquimisa Carbajosa) – 25 rating

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