This site blends basketball news and information with some great Spanish food and recipes – so if you’re a keen player yourself, then we’ll show you how to put the two together in order to create the ideal basketball diet. It might require a little planning, but the results can be extremely beneficial.

It is well known that athletes and those in regular training should get a good amount of protein, but they should also think carefully about the sources of this protein. Beans, pulses and fish, for example, are all good sources of protein, whilst also being much lower in fat than sources such as red meats. Eggs are also a particularly good source of protein, we well as a number of other essential nutrients.

You should also aim to limit the amount of complex carbohydrates which you consume. Of course, a professional basketball player will need to eat higher levels of carbohydrates than someone who spends their days working behind a desk, or playing online games, due to the fact that carbohydrates are a key source of energy. However, in order to be beneficial to your diet as a whole, you will want to stick to sources such as wholemeal rice and pasta, or potatoes.

As with any healthy diet, fruit and vegetable are essential. This is where basketball players will find their main source of vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre. Dairy products can be used to provide a good source of calcium but, again, stick to milk or yoghurt (rather than creamy cheeses) in order to avoid high levels of fat. Whenever you are playing basketball, also make sure that keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water.

By following these simple guidelines when choosing which traditional Spanish dishes to cook, you are more likely to be able to reach your full potential as a basketball player.