The second of the quarter-final matches that La Fonteta will host this Wednesday (9:00 p.m., Teledeporte) brings us a new chapter of one of the classic confrontations of the Old Continent. Spain and Serbia, face to face for a place in the semifinals. The winner, in addition, will have a double reward by securing the ticket for the World Cup.

Including the former Yugoslavia, this Wednesday will be the 27th match between the two teams. Spain dominates on aggregate 16-11 (11-5 if we focus only on official matches) thanks to a streak of eleven consecutive wins. La Femenina has not lost to its next rival since a friendly in Cáceres in September 2003, when it was still competing as Serbia and Montenegro. Or what is the same, since the split of Montenegro in 2006, Serbia has not been able to defeat the team currently coached by Lucas Mondelo.

If we focus on the Mondelo era, the National Team has faced Serbia in a total of six games, five of them being official. And in three of these seven medals won consecutively, the Balkans crossed the Spanish road in the semifinals. We refer to the EuroBasket 2013 in France, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the previous EuroBasket, whose final phase was held in Belgrade. In that meeting, Spain was able to turn off the Serbian boiler. Now, two years later, he will try to extend the streak with the warmth and support of the La Fonteta stands.


1. EuroBasket 2007 (first phase): Spain vs Serbia (79-76)

2. EuroBasket 2013 (semi-final): Spain vs Serbia (88-69)

3. Friendly 2014: Spain vs Serbia (79-66)

4. EuroBasket 2015 (second phase): Spain vs Serbia (91-80)

5. Olympic Games 2016 (first phase): Spain vs Serbia (65-59)

6. Olympic Games 2016 (semifinal): Spain vs Serbia (68-54)

7. EuroBasket 2019 (semi-final): Spain vs Serbia (71-66)

* In bold, victories of the National Team