At 50 years old and after 15 leading the growth of Syracuse, which he placed on the map of American college basketball, ‘Coach Q’, as he is known in the United States, is ready to accept a new challenge in his career.

The coach, known as a great motivator who also had experiences in technical teams of various European teams, considers that “coming to train in Spain, to a competition like the Endesa League and in a modest but ambitious team like Leganés is a new challenge in my career. I always dreamed of coming to train at a club in Europe, where they play a very smart game. So I’m looking forward to starting this challenge. “

For his part, the president of CB Leganés Jose Jacinto Ramos has stated that “having the ‘Coach Q’ is a privilege for the club. We hope to start this new stage in the Endesa League with a top international coach who will help us to continue taking steps to compete with the best “

# LeganésDePrimera

Quentin Hillsman Career:

2006-2007: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2007-2008: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2008-2009: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2009-2010: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2011: U18 Dutch Women NT (Assistant coach)
2010-2011: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2011-2012: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2012: U18 Dutch Women NT (Assistant coach)
2012-2013: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2013: U18 Dutch Women NT (Assistant coach)
2013-2014: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2014-2015: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2015: U19 Dutch Women NT (Assistant coach)
2015-2016: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2016-2017: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2016: U20 Dutch Women NT (Assistant coach)
2017-2018: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2018: U16 Dutch Women NT (Assistant coach)
2018-2019: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2019-2020: Syracuse University (WNCAA)
2019: U18 Estonian Women NT (Assistant coach)
2020-2021: Syracuse University (WNCAA)


All-Big East Conf. Co-Coach of the Year -08
NIT Elite Eight -10
NIT Final Four -12
Big East Tournament Semifinals -13
ACC Tournament Finalist -16
NCAA Finalist -16
ACC Tournament Semifinals -19, 21
U18 EuroBasket in Oradea (Romania) -11
U18 EuroBasket in Croatia -13 (Semifinals)