ANDl Real Madrid mathematically tied the leadership of the Endesa League by winning at Bilbao Basket, 70-59. No one will take him down from that first place he agreed to at the beginning of the regular season and that he has defended until the end. There is one game left, but you can’t lose it anymore. And in the process, left Bilbao Basket on the edge of an abyss, the one of the descent, to which it appears next to the Students. The schoolboys, Madridistas for a day, depend on themselves thanks to the white victory against the ‘Men in Black’.

Deep down, Bilbao knew that their chances of permanence did not go through beating Madrid, despite the dose of confidence gained in recent weeks. Especially when with two minutes of play, the Mumbrú team lost one of his best men, John Jenkins, hit fortuitously by Tyus and had to leave the track to never return.

Bilbao’s initial resistance lasted less than a quarter. Madrid, after 11 days of rest recharging the batteries, had an impeccable staging in the defensive aspect and from the beginning it was seen that the game was going to be a martyrdom for those of Mumbrú. After the first act, the whites took advantage of their rival’s passivity to break up the game. Bilbao took eight minutes to score a basket of two in the second quarter, coinciding with a rain of triples from their rival. Mumbrú made it clear in a time-out: “We don’t play anything. We are afraid of them“And of course, the whites came to the break with more than half a game in their pocket, 45-24. They were Madrid’s best minutes in the game. And the only game without inaccuracies.

Because the game changed radically when the locker room returned. Madrid unplugged at the same time that Bilbao caught a miraculous reaction that put pepper on the scoreboard. The ‘Men in Black’ managed to drown the white attack and Madrid did not score in the third quarter until five and a half minutes of play. Bilbao came to show a partial 0-12 start and fell from 10 points to the triples of Taylor and Garuba. There was ‘Lasina’ due to losses and bad decisions and only the lack of strength (literally in players who, like Balvin, recently passed the coronavirus) did not turn the game and also the landscape of the Endesa League.

The two teams gave a recital of losses (41 between the two) and of missed shots in a very gray game that Madrid won due to the merits obtained in the second quarter. The good news in Laso’s was the performance of a Vincent Poirier that he has contributed to the Whites since minute 1 of his arrival and that is increasingly important in the rotation.

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