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Ricky Rubio Fiba Rookie of the Year 2007


Ricky Rubio was presented with the Young Player of the Year Award by Fibe Europe last week before the basketball tournament in Madrid. The 18-year old professional player of top ACB and Euroleague team, DKV Joventut where he helped lead the team to a ULEB Cup Title.

Rubio has been preparing for his first Olympics in Beijing with several Pre-Olympic Tournament games.


16 Responses to Ricky Rubio Fiba Rookie of the Year 2007

  1. TiiMiii says:

    i think ricky is extremly hot. dam straight.
    put more pics of him on.

  2. KluaY says:

    I like to see you plays the baskatball . I am a Thai , I like to play the basketball so much . But , now my knees is break I can’t play .I will morale to you . be lucky , Bye Bye

  3. PooKy says:

    you are so cute

    i saw u first time on macth Spain-China

    you are very good played


  4. PooKy says:

    super rookie


  5. JS says:

    ur so cute…
    i cant really stop smiling seein ur picz..
    lov BB too, luv seein u playin… will keep cheerin 4 u out here…
    gud luck…:)

  6. Paula says:

    like the stamina… ricky is a very good and at the same time hot basketball player

  7. Genevieve Ramirez says:

    Ricky is soooo cute! <333 HE’S FRIGGIN SEXY!! put more pics please!
    I saw him today on the olympics. he did well 🙂

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  9. bart says:

    with his performance in the championship game, guarantees a good spot in one of NBA’s team.

  10. bart says:

    with his performance in the championship game, guarantees a good spot in one of NBA’s teams.

  11. Tata says:

    definitely u r a good player–no doubt to that–but aside from being a good player u r also goodlooking so that’s a plus+++++ and for that i think ppl, esp. girls will notice ur looks first before ur performance..

  12. toon says:

    I like ricky very
    I like to play basketball
    like you realy ,thailand

  13. amper says:

    I Love U Ricky My Hiro

  14. KluaY says:


    Ricky u so good for u play basketball.

    I like to play basketball same you.

    good luck !! Ricky

    good dream !! Ricky

    bye bye

  15. GiftZy says:

    Ricky! U R so cute.

    U can play basketball very geniuses.

    I hope I will see U in NBA as soon.

    I can smile when I see yr picture.

    How can I contact U Ricky?

  16. caly says:

    Ricky is the hottest player on earth i don’t know how he can do this he’s got talent and he’s cool at the same time
    rock on ricky !
    love ya !!!!!!!!!

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