There are so many rumors surrounding Ricky Rubio and the 2009 NBA Draft. Will he enter or not? According to the Spanish Basketball Federation, Rubio has not made a decision and wants to focus on completing his season with DKV Joventut. The NBA Draft is scheduled for June 25th in New York at the Madison Square Gardens.

The deadline for his entry (non collegiate) is April 26th or June 15th. Otherwise he will have to wait on the next train for the 2010 NBA Draft. Rubio is being compared to Pete Maravich (looks and game).As for his decision, no one really knows. But here is a quote from Rubio.

It is a decision that I have not taken and would like consult my parents. Want to concentrate on DKV Joventut where I have a contract and when the time comes I will make a decision. This does not take away my dream. It depends on how the season ends because if I don’t do well it could take away the interest of my part in the draft. You never know.

If he does decide to enter, he will most likely be selected in the first round!