Roberto González will direct the Sur-Aspasia Real Valladolid Basketball Clinic. The coach, who has extensive experience in the ACB League, will arrive at the Blanquivioleta entity after eight years directing CB La Flecha de Liga EBA, a team with which he rose from First National and in which he has played a great job since his arrival. Following the Club’s philosophy, the new Pucela coach will continue to be a Valladolid coach, who will be officially presented this Wednesday.

Roberto González Presas (born January 27, 1968 in Carpio del Campo, Valladolid) went through the lower categories of CB Valladolid in his time as a player, although from an early age he began his career from the band. At just 19 years old, in 1987, he took his first steps as an assistant coach in various base teams of the Valladolid team.

In fact, during that stage the new coach of the Sur-Aspasia Clinic won titles as champion of Castilla y León in the Junior category (1987/1988, 1995/1996) and runner-up in that category (1994/1995), in addition to two other first positions leading the Cadet team (1992/1993, 1993/1994).

Subsequently, Roberto González continued his training on the benches of CB Palencia of Segunda Nacional (1997/1998) and CB Zamora of Liga EBA (1999-2002), season in which he returned to Pisuerga as assistant coach of Chechu Mulero in the ACB League. As if that were not enough, that same year he performed the feat of being crowned Champion of Spain with CB Valladolid Junior (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 2002), imposing himself on FC Barcelona and being awarded as the Best Coach of the championship. Likewise, the Valladolid man was also recognized in the ‘Valladolid Ciudad Deportiva’ awards and awarded by the regional Basketball Federation as the best coach of the year.

As an assistant coach, Roberto González was under the orders of the aforementioned Chechu Mulero, current sports director of Valencia Basket; Luis Casimiro, Manel Comas, Paco García, Javier Imbroda and Porfirio Fisac.
In February 2012, however, Roberto González takes over from Luis Casimiro as head coach and takes a step forward. Despite the fact that the purple team was not spared sportingly, it did so administratively and continued in the elite of Spanish basketball. And the following course he managed to stay brilliantly and several days before the end of the regular phase. In total, the Pucelano coach has directed 51 matches in the first division of Spanish basketball and has been promoted from the LEB Oro in the 2008/2009 season and as second to Porfirio Fisac.

After achieving the goal in a sensational way, the new Blanquivioleta coach ended eleven years at CB Valladolid and returned to teaching. However, Roberto González also took charge of CB La Flecha de Primera Nacional and combined his career as a coach at Arroyo de la Encomienda with his position as a teacher. In fact, in his second year at the helm of the rojinegro team, he achieved promotion to the EBA League, a category in which he has been active ever since.

As if that were not enough, in addition to his extraordinary eight seasons at the helm of CB La Flecha, in the 2014 European Championship held in Riga, Latvia, the Valladolid coach won the bronze medal with the Spanish Under-16 team. Since then, Roberto González has continued to perform his duties as a teacher, coach at Liga EBA and regularly teaching clinics.

The new coach of the Clínica Sur-Aspasia Real Valladolid Baloncesto, who has a wide and flawless career, will be officially presented this Wednesday at 12.00 in the auditorium of the Colegio Agustinas de Valladolid, the center where he teaches.