alisa aguilarElisa Aguilar a national player from Spain has a featured blog at She writes about her travel and basketball competition within the Euroleague and Spanish league. Aguilar plays for Ros Casares who is the best team in the league right now.

Last week her and some of her teammates had the pleasure meeting and taking a photo with Michael Jordan.

michael jordan madrid

Photo: Dydek, Milton, Jordan, Feaster

“When we got back from Madrid, there was a motorcycle race between two Spanish cyclists for the World Championship. The city was full of people and they were excited to watch the race. Also famous people go there and you can take pictures. One of those famous people was Michael Jordan. Of course three of my team-mates – Delisha Milton Allison Feaster and Margot Dydeck – like Michael Jordan so they wanted to take picture with him. The three of them plus Carmen Lluveras (general manager) went to the official practices and they had the opportunity to take a picture with him. The one problem was that the general manager did not know how to use the camera. She was pressing the bottom on/off button instead of the one to take the picture. Thankfully somebody else was there to take it because if not …. my teammates would’ve killed her.”