Photo Mix: Feb

Ros Casares will meet Rivas Ecopolis in the final of the Copa de la Reina on their home turf tomorrow evening. Both teams had to fight their way into the final winning at the final of the game. Rivas had to go into overtime, with missed free throws by Bonner during the final 3 seconds, but they were able to glide through OT with not too many problems.

The game will be great to watch, to WNBA standout inside players will go head to head. Both players, DeWanna Bonner and Rebekkah Brunson helped guide their team to the final, however only one will hold up the Queens Cup. The game will be again, broadcasted live online at and live stats as well at Basketball Live.

BOX SCORE: Ros vs Mann Filter (68-66)

BOX SCORE: Rivas vs Avenidas (81-76)