Round of 16 – First leg: Alega Cantabria sows in Pamplona on a night of local forcefulness

CB Marbella did not fail in the premiere of the Playoffs before its public and neither did the Globalcaja La Roda Foundation to add two solid victories facing a return match in which the Andalusians will defend a +22 against Albacete Basket and in the one that the La Mancha will travel to the field of CAT & Rest Ponferrada with a +16 in the box. For its part, the Alega Cantabria Group signed a valuable victory in a stellar Navarre Arena that will allow the Cantabrians to return to Torrelavega with an income of 12 points in their favor.


The first round of the Playoffs for CB Marbella and Fund has not started badly. Globalcaja La Roda who will have the opportunity to look for the pass next weekend thanks to the ample income reaped from their hobbies. A condition that will lead the Alega Group to defend the same fortune before its public after the solid triumph of David Mangas’s men in Pamplona. On Sunday afternoon, CB Prat prevailed at home in a match in which the rents could well have been higher while Gran Canaria took a giant step in their fiefdom against Reina Yogur Clavijo.

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PLAYOFFS PROMOTION: CB Marbella and Fud. Globalcaja La Roda set the pace on opening night

With 22 and 16 rental points respectively, both the CB Marbella and the Globalcaja La Roda Foundation will travel next weekend to Albacete and Ponferrada in search of a pass that has been extremely complicated for their respective rivals after an opening day in the that the debut of the stellar Navarra Arena was not enough for the people of Pamplona to be able to beat Grupo Alega Cantabria. A path that followed, 24 hours later, a very serious CP Prat at home to impose himself on an Innova Chef who resisted until the end.


CB Marbella vs Albacete Basket (87-65)
/ Statistics

CB Marbella likes it in an overwhelming third quarter to caress the pass

Solid triumph in his fiefdom for a CB Marbella that did almost everything right from the beginning to be able to reap a significant income for the return match. Because the Marbella team was very solid from the first bars to sign a complete first period in which they already beat their rival on the scoreboard (29-16). Very different was the course of a second quarter in which CB Marbella went through its main “crisis” of the crash when they saw how Bouzán led the first reaction from La Mancha, but the good work of Pablo Ibáñez and Luka Majstorovic allowed the thing not to go to more being able to keep his team ahead in the electronic (43-35). Although it was the passage through the changing rooms that marked the outcome of the clash with a real offensive blackout of an Albacete Basket that saw impotent as its rival was able to sign a 17-1 with which to finish blowing up the crash (60-36). Despite this, the visitors did not lower their arms throughout the final stretch, fighting each action and trying to reduce differences in the face of a second leg that is complicated for their interests (87-65).

MVP: Antón Bouzán (Albacete Basket) – 18 rating

Fund. Globalcaja La Roda vs CAT & Rest Ponferrada (82-66) / Statistics

CAT & Rest Ponferrada goes deep in a final stretch that excites FG La Roda

It was a match of streaks, relatively even and in which the final arreón of the Globalcaja La Roda Foundation was too much for a CAT & Rest Intragás that fell apart in the final measures. That could be the summary of a night in which the visiting team did not start badly, working well in defense and being generous in attack. With this, the Castilian-Leonese scored the first rents of the night before seeing how their rival imposed a sixth gear on the match in a second quarter with which to turn the scoreboard (41-34). In this way, the La Mancha team took the initiative after passing through the changing rooms, but without being able to detach from a rival who continued to fight in attack to reach the last quarter alive (56-54). But it was at that point when the Bercian team ran out of gas against an FG La Roda who did not waste his moment to close the match with the greatest possible difference for the second leg. Thus, they will defend next week at the Lydia Valentín a total of 16 rental points that will determine if the effort has been worth it on the way to the next round (82-66).

MVP: Musa Jeng (CAT & Rest Ponferrada) – 19 rating

EnerParking Basket Navarra vs Grupo Alega Cantabria (50-63) / Statistics

Grupo Alega Cantabria returns home with a comfortable income

The magic of the Navarra Arena was not enough for EnerParking Basket Navarra to be able to beat a Grupo Alega Cantabria that offered one of its best defensive versions of the season. And that at the beginning it was the Pamplona team who could dominate the score through Lepichev’s points (20-16), but the good start of the Pamplona game did not find its continuity throughout a second quarter in which the Cantabrians they began to squeeze in defense as they grew in the defensive rebound. In this way, those of David Mangas managed to reach the break with a small income that changed the perspective of the meeting (29-30). It was, with the resumption of the match, that Basket Navarra tried to impose its style through an exchange of blows resisted by its rival in the face of a final quarter that was reached with the game completely open. Ten fundamental minutes for the final development of the tie and in which the visiting team was much more solid, being able to stop the rival attack and putting the direct to a very valuable victory. And it is that the Alega Cantabria Group will receive like this next week in Torrelavega a rival who will have to overcome 13 points to reach the quarterfinals (50-63).

MVP: Stephen Ugochukwu (Grupo Alega Cantabria) – 16 rating


Innova Chef vs CB Prat (73-84) / Statistics

Important victory, but slightly bitter for CB Prat

Surely CB Prat would have signed in the previous hours to be able to return home with an income of 11 points in his favor after passing through Zamora. Although seeing how the match went, the Potablava team might well think that the difference was somewhat short after having managed to command by up to 26 points at the end of the third quarter. But the inertia of the Innova Chef during the last ten minutes was clearly ascending to remember up to fifteen points thanks to a solid defense and a good work in attack. In this way, the points of Libroia and Carroll served to counteract the good work that a CB Prat had done during the previous three quarters, who had controlled the main aspects of the game to excel in the electronic game. Despite this, Dani Miret’s men returned home with an income of 11 points with which they will look for the pass at home next week (73-84).

MVP: Zsombor Maronka (CB Prat) – 18 rating

Gran Canaria vs Reina Yogur Clavijo (96-78) / Statistics

Javi López reduces the hopes of Reina Yogur Clavijo

Reina Yogur Clavijo had traveled to the Canary Islands with the illusion of being able to obtain the best possible result, but the Riojans collided with the ambition of a young team for which these Playoffs represent a valuable opportunity. A team that started the game ready to assume the rhythm of the game to surprise its rival. All an ambition settled with ten income points (25-10) that ended up marking the game. Because the high scoring of the Canaries was a serious problem for Jenaro Díaz’s team during the first half (50-35). It was, after passing through the changing rooms, when the Riojans managed to get in tune to grow in scoring against a rival in which Javi López continued to fly on a fast lap to be able to close the match with a +18 that is the best of the news for the locals of facing the second leg (96-78).

MVP: Javier López (Gran Canaria) – 36 valuation


Círculo Gijón vs Hestia Menorca:

The outbreak by Covid that has affected the discipline of Hetia Menorca with a dozen positives has prevented the Balearic Islands from traveling this weekend to Asturian lands. A handicap that has marked the start of the tie and that keeps both teams awaiting evolution to know the final date on which they can start their double direct duel. A crash in which Círculo Gijón will measure its growth in the final stretch of the season against one of the most powerful squads, that of a Hestia Menorca called to opt for promotion and for which its stoppage due to Covid could mark the development of the series depending on the evolution of its affected players.

Date and Time: Postponed – Pending date

CB Pardinyes vs Zornotza ST:

The detection of a positive for Covid in the CB Pardinyes during the tests prior to the dispute of the match postponed, at the last minute, the duel that both teams were to play this weekend. In this way, the Barris Nord duel is postponed while waiting to be able to resume a tie that greatly excites the team from ilerdense after a season in which they really know what it is to defeat teams from the upper zone. Quite a warning for a Zornotza ST willing to stay true to his fighting philosophy in order to overcome the series.

Date and Time: Postponed – Pending confirmation

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