ANDl Hereda San Pablo Burgos defeated a very green Casademont Zaragoza in the Ciudad de Zaragoza Trophy “Memorial José Luis Abós” in which the current holders of the Champions League imposed their greatest intensity and conjunction.

The Castilian-Leonese team was shown as a group that is known, set and made, led by a great Vitor Benite, in front of a Casademont Zaragoza in progress of training, tender, for cooking and with unknowns in the performance of players who must be the props of the team. And he also had the misfortune of losing Omar Cook and San Miguel due to physical problems.

The great intensity of the Burgos starting team collapsed the ideas and the game of the Zaragoza team that suffered tremendously in each attack and whose shooting percentages were meager against the success of their rival who finished the first ten minutes with the maximum income in their favor so far, 14 points (13-27).

The local evils did not stop there because the success in the visitor triples allowed him to stretch the advantage to 18 (18-36) in full confusion “rojillo”, who suffered to score but also to defend and that he saw how his rival charged in the successful offensive rebound and got second and third chances.

With an improvement in defense in the second half of the second quarter, Jaume Ponsarnau’s team managed to scratch points with great effort and reach the refreshment time with the hope of turning the electronic after the break (34-42).

However, all the effort it took for the team to regain the disadvantage was minimal on its rival to achieve it. Up to two occasions history was repeated but the stubbornness, more than the good local game and the desire to please his fans in his presentation, led by the youth squad Javi García, allowed him to dream of a victory that never came due to the firmness of your opponent.

Data sheet:

69 – Casademont Zaragoza (13 + 21 + 19 + 16): Cook (-), Javi García (15), Okoye (12), Wanwijn (10), McLean (10) -starting five- Mobley (2), Radoncic (7), Vilà (2), Font (5), Hlinason (6) and San Miguel (-).

76 – Inherit Saint Paul (27 + 15 + 19 + 15): Nikolic (8), McGee (7), Rabaseda (2), Braimoh (10), Kravic (5) -starting five- Queeley (-), Kullamae (8), Salash (3), Benite (17), Dani Díez (5), Marc García (3) and Zack (8).

Referees: García González, Torres and Lucas. Nikolic (min 40) was excluded by personnel.

Incidents: match corresponding to the City of Zaragoza Trophy “José Luis Abós Memorial” played at the Príncipe Felipe de Zaragoza pavilion in front of 3,200 spectators. He was named best player of the Javi García trophy.