It will be on the evening of next Saturday when Río Breogán and Leyma Coruña will have their first math-ball at the time of being able to access the final of the LEB Gold League. An award endorsed by their triumphs in a first day of Galician domination and in which Covirán Granada was able to snatch the field factor from Covirán Granada with his triumph on the field of the Palacio de los Deportes,

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PLAYOFFS PROMOTION: Leyma Coruña snatches the home court factor

Rio Breogán vs HLA Alicante (88-87) / Statistics

Sergi Quintela saves the first point against a solid HLA Alicante

It was a game of streaks, of partials, of moments … But when it was time to kill the match, the environmental factor backed a Rio Breogán that took oil from the basket scored by Sergi Quintela 22 seconds from the end. Two points that were worth their weight in gold at the time of being able to certify that first point to which the Breogán River seemed to want to aim strongly throughout the first bars of the crash. Because the 7-0 start of the Lugo players led Pedro Rivero to have to pull the slate to channel a first quarter that became even more difficult for his interests as the minutes passed (30-13). Things changed a lot after the first intermission, with a much more successful HLA Aicante who was able to grow with each action to overcome the crash on the brink of a break that came four points ahead (34-38). In this way, the Alicante team went from -17 to +12 during a third period that seemed to strongly invite optimism, but neither the Breogán River nor the Pazo had yet said their last word. Because when Kevin Larsen enters the scene, the games change completely. And so it happened in a final stretch in which the home team got fully into the fight for the game. Because Urtasun’s free throws and Stojan Gjuroski’s points lost all their effect when Sergi Quintela scored, with 22 seconds remaining, the one that would ultimately end up being the winning basket of the clash. Thus, the Pazo breathed a little more relieved when the last shot from Alicante did not find the hoop, putting the point in the locals’ locker (88-87).

J.1: Rio Breogán vs HLA Alicante (88-87 / 1-0)
J.2: Saturday 5 – 20: 30h
J.3: Wednesday 9 – 20: 30h *

MVP: Stojan Gjuroski (HLA Alicante) – 27 rating

Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña (67-77)
/ Statistics

The final blackout condemns a Covirán Granada that gives Leyma Coruña the court factor

Covirán Granada did not play a bad match, but the game was really long for Pablo Pin’s team after 40 minutes of constant demand. Because the Andalusian team had to overcome the good start of the game of a Leyma who could only disturb a triple by Lluis Costa throughout the first minutes of play in which they showed their best face (3-15). Little by little, between the old guard and the inner talent, Covirán managed to get into the game by recovering the rents against him, but despite this, Sergio García’s men managed to maintain command and, most importantly, control the tempo of match. Thus a final period was reached in which a small income had deluded a Covranal who, however, the light went out in attack. In this case, given the solid A Coruña defense against a rival launched for victory.

J.1: Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña (67-77 / 0-1)
J.2: Saturday 5 – 18: 30h
J.3: Wednesday 9 – 21: 00h

MVP: Dago Peña (Leyma Coruña) – 24 rating