SPAR already has two players on its roster for the 21-22 season, which will begin at the end of September. Adji Fall, the future of the club, was joined yesterday by Sika Koné.

The Senegalese thus opted to give priority to her training as a high-level player in an environment such as that of the Gran Canaria club, which has the quarry job as an inalienable hallmark of identity, and not to accept this year the numerous offers that made her arrive from the media Europe.

His numbers have been extraordinary in most sections of the game and also, his growth possibilities seem to augur him a very promising career in high-level basketball.

For now, the efforts of the Director of Operations of SPAR Gran Canaria, Luis González, have culminated in a satisfactory way, prioritizing the possibilities of training and improvement, in front of the unattainable financial proposals of the most powerful clubs.

The most valued player of the last League, with 657 points, led the rebounds section, with 349 points, and it was a nightmare for her rivals under both boards when scoring. With four MVP awards, Sika was the sensation of the League, thanks to his tireless work in each of the training sessions.

She came to the play-off exhausted and it was already noticeable in her performance. Now he continues training at La Paterna and next week he will have the opportunity to seal his contract at the headquarters of one of the yellow club’s sponsors, Gofio La Piña.