In a ceremony filled with endearing personalities from different fields related to the world of Spanish basketball, represented by its chief executive, José Luis Sáez, wanted to pay tribute to the glorious decade in its history. Ten years of which seven were attended by Jaime Lissavetzky as Secretary of State for Sport so that, at the hour of his departure to pursue his political career at the municipal level, has received a deserved tribute from the FEB.

Although his predecessor, Juan Antonio Gomez Angulo, was also present at an event in which they presented the commemorative book ’10 ‘, sponsored by San Miguel 0’0 “one of the most faithful companions travel to Spanish Basketball.

“If we see what we have achieved and what we can get us proud to see medals that were unthinkable as girls, European Championships, the World medals in all categories of base, presence in the top rankings, organizational model and ability to host a get well Eurobasket organizing a World Cup we want to be different … Spain has experienced a boost in the last 25 years in terms of facilities as well as on two concepts: the candidature of Madrid, which prompted us in teamwork, and the growth of global programs, while the other key has the permanence, structure and the desire of the Supreme Council for Sports Jaime transmitted to us. Having stability gives you the key to tackle any project …”

Quote from the farewell speech for Jaime Lissavetzky by the President of the Spanish Basketball Federation, José Luis Sáez.