If I had to make a prediction, I would say Spain is on their way to Gold Medal in the World Basketball Championships starting on August 28th in Turkey. Undefeated in friendly game play, Spain last night defeated Brazil during the last day at the Logroño Basketball Tournament. It was a team effort once again both offensively and defensively. Next on Spain’s agenda is Lithuania and Team USA during the final week of preparation for the World Championships!


SPAIN, 84 (21+23+20+20): Jose Manuel Calderón 8, Juan Carlos Navarro 13, Álex Mumbru 9, Jorge Garbajosa 10, y Fran Vázquez 8 -starters- Fernando San Emeterio 10, Ricky Rubio 7, Sergio Llull 7, Felipe Reyes 5 y Víctor Claver 7.

BRAZIL, 68 (11+23+21+13): Marcelinho Huertas 2, Leandrinho 12, Álex García 5, Giovannoni 8, Varejao 6 -starters- Vieira 9, Marcelinho Machado 14, Nezinho 5, Murilo 7 y Raúl 0.