A very connected Belgium took the first initiative on the scoreboard. With triples from Vanloo and Linskens, the Belgian team made it 0-6. It was Astou Ndour, on the day she became a thousand-year-old scorer with the National Team, who opened for Spain (2-6). To continue the rhythm of a very scoring rival, Ángela Salvadores appeared who, with two free throws and a layup after stealing, scored her first points with the Spain shirt (6-12).

The physical power of players like Lisowa or Linskens allowed Belgium to open a small gap on the scoreboard (8-14), although a triple by Leo Rodríguez and a suspension by Astou Ndour adjusted the score (13-16). He threatened to distance himself from Belgium through Joris’s effectiveness from the outside (14-20), but with a steal and a basket on the buzzer, Queralt Casas closed the period with a 16-20 score.

Belgium started scoring with two free throws by Geldof (16-22). Although this assault was completely dominated by Spain. With a 6-0 the moment of the tie arrived (22-22) and with a triple by Leo Rodríguez, the national team took the lead on the scoreboard for the first time (25-24). The tables came back after a shot from 6.75 by Resimont and a basket by Irati Etxarri (27-27), however, after that Spain went on a run of 11-0 with a double game of 2+1 by Astou and the points of Salvadores, Araújo and Casas (36-27). Although Resimont cut the streak (36-30), the National Team was able to maintain its superiority at halftime (38-34).

The third assault began with Astou Ndour showing his internal power (40-34) and with two free throws by Maite Cazorla (42-34). Massey responded on behalf of Belgium (44-38) but between Leo Rodríguez and Irati Etxarri they took the advantage until the ten (48-38). It didn’t take long for Spain to set a new maximum with goals from Etxarri and Cazorla, which generated a 5-1 run for +14 (53-39).

Belgium did not give its arm to twist. With a run of 1-11, the game was tied in the final stretch of the period (54-50). The points of Leo and Silvia, served for the national team to prolong their dominance on the scoreboard (58-52). A condition that would be confirmed at the beginning of the last quarter with a 9-0 (67-55) in which the scoring continued to come from Casas, Domínguez and Ndour.

With two triples and a favorable unsportsmanlike action, Belgium hastened their comeback options (72-65) until Ndour once again stood out scoring the last goals with which Spain certified their second victory (79-70) in this Camino Al Future.

Thus, the National Team leaves Melilla with two victories in its locker, having beaten Belgium this Friday and Italy last Wednesday, and having carried out valuable preparation for the consolidation of the team. Now, the group faces a week off and will meet again in Guadalajara to prepare for the matches of the Torneo de Cividale del Friuli against Slovenia (June 18) and Italy (June 19).