Spain falls in the quarterfinals against a great Turkey

8/5/2021 – 2:45 PM

For the second consecutive Open, the Spanish eSports team fell in the quarterfinals. Turkey, the current defending champions, had a sensational third game to reach the semi-finals. The team led by RafaelTGR forced the decisive match and showed many of the qualities that have made it one of the most competitive teams on the continent.


The quarterfinals were once again the ceiling for the Spanish eSports team. From the FEB Museum, the team led by Rafael TGR forced the decisive match against great Turkey, defender of the title harvested at the FIBA ??eSports Open II. The Turkish team, a solid team with very clear ideas (all their players play for Fenerbahce), were better in the last twenty minutes of the series and closed their pass to the Final Four of the tournament, the first played in Next Gen .

The two defeats suffered by Spain in the first phase (against France and Germany) were fundamental, as they led the National Team to the hardest part of the final table. The crossing against the Turks did not disappoint. Three tough games, competitive and full of talent and quality. The first fell on the opponent’s side (61-67), the second was for ours (54-53, with a heart attack ending included). In the decider, the current ones were superior and achieved the ticket for the final (60-45).

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