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Spain Open Eurobasket With a Win Over Germany 79-69

Spain started the game with strong and solid defense that gave them a 7-0 lead over the Germans and closing out the first period with a 21-12 lead to begin the Eurobasket campaign. Top performances by veteran Elisa Aguilar and Alba Torrens who lead Spain in scoring. Amaya Valdemoro had a very great performance despite being injured, scored 16 points and Sancho Lyttle who arrived directly from the USA, added 8 points.

Spain had to work hard for the victory. The first game during the Eurobasket is always the most difficult.

Box Score

Spain 79 (21+18+19+21): Silvia Domínguez (4) Anna Cruz (-) Alba Torrens (18), Anna Montañana (13), Lucila Pascua (0), Laura Nicholls (2), Cindy Lima (1), Laia Palau (0), Marta Xargay (0), Amaya Valdemoro (16), Sancho Lyttle (8)

Germany 69 (12+15+22+20) : Mersch (8), Breitrener (6), Richter (7), Koop (2), Austmann (10), Wagner (0), Bar (14), Menz (3), Thimm (0), Greunke (3), Kuhn (8), Glaser (8)

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