With Pau Gasol leading the way and taking charge by scoring 21 points and 11 rebounds help get Spain over China during their London Olympics debut. Spain came out tough on defense during the first half and made easy baskets during the first half against China, going into the half 54-41. However, during the 3rd quarter, China made adjustments and outscored Spain cutting the lead down. In the fourth, Spain came back strong on defense and offense to over power China resulting in a final score of 97-81.

Jianlian Yi lead China with 30 points.


Box Score

Spain: P. Gasol (21), R. Fernández (7), S. Rodríguez (5), J.Navarro (14), J. Calderón (12), F. Reyes (2), V. Claver (0), F. San Emeterio (5), S. Llull (2), M. Gasol (5), S. Ibaka (17), V. Sada (7)

China: J. Ding (0), W. Liu (9), L. Yi (0), S. Wang (8), F. Zhu (2), Y, Sun (3), Z. Zhang (2), J. Yi (30), J. Chen (12), Z. Wang (15), P. Zhou (0)