Spain dominated most of the game and a clear lead in the 3rd, but Lithuania held on and pulled off a great win in the final quarter. The first quarter Spain finished 21-11 with the help of big 3 point shots by Garbajosa, Lopez and Fernandez. In the second, Spain was outscored by Lithuania and finished the first help up by 8 points (43-35).  Spain started the 3rd quarter on fire and by minute 35, they were up by 13 points. However, Lithuania tightened the defense and started making shots and ended the 3rd only down by 11 points.

The worst case scenario occurred at the start of 4th quarter. Spain had a mental break down on offense and Lithuania took advantage of the confusion to start the quarter with a 14-0 run. A three pointer by Pocius’s tied the game five minutes from the end (66-66) and Spain came to rely on the defense to overcome the crisis. The baskets by Navarro and Gasol paused the play until Delininkaitis returned to help tie the game (71-71). Kleiza shot a 3 and with half a minute to go. The free throws at the end of the game were decisive. Marc Gasol missed 2/2 from the line, while Pocius scored one to put Lithuania up 71-74. Navarro made no mistake from the line with 4.60 to 12 seconds to sound the horn, but Kleiza did not and so it was supposed to definitive 73-76 victory in Lithuania.

Spain will face Lebanon on Wednesday in Group D. If they win, there is still a chance for the 3rd if they win the next two games and if France and New Zealand lose.


SPAIN, 73 (22+21+21+9): Rubio (3), Navarro (18), Fernández (13), Garbajosa (11) y Marc Gasol (18) –starters– López (3), Llull (3), Reyes (-), Mumbrú (4), Vázquez (-), Claver (-) y San Emeterio (-).

LITHUANIA, 76 (11+24+18+23): Kalnietis (12), Jasaitis (5), Kleiza (17), Gecevicius (2) y Javtokas (4) –starters– Seibutis (-), Pocius (13), Delininkaitis (4), Klimavicius (-), Jankunas (3), Andriuskevicius (3) y Maciulis (13).