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Two powerhouse national teams with one objective: Eurobasket 2013 Gold. The first half was a battle back and forth on the scoreboard with Spain leading the way. Santo Lyttle on the block and Alba Torrens on the wing scoring over half of the teams points combining with 22 points. France put the pressure on Spain in the second quarter with Sandrine Gruda charging through scoring 14 points for France while Gomis and Durmerc chipped in with 6 points. Spain found themselves in a bit of foul trouble allowing France to stay close.

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Both France and Spain came out very strong after the break with Alba Torrens leading the way.  A grueling final period and final seconds for Spain but big rebounds and baskets by Sancho Lyttle gave Spain the title.

This was a great exit party for both Elisa Aguilar and Amaya Valdemoro who will mostly end their national team career after the Eurobasket to give a chance for the younger players. Spain will have full ticket to the World Championships!

MVP of the Eurobasket 2013: Sancho Lyttle

Sancho Lyttle

Sancho Lyttle

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