Credit: Miguel Bordoy LOKOS


With the big win over Brazil, Spain cruises into the next round of the World Championships undefeated. The first quarter, both teams were anxious and it was close during the first half. After the completion of the 1st half, Spain turned on their defense once again and caused many turnovers and problems for Brazil.

During the third quarter, Amaya Valdemoro could not be stopped on offense, however during the 4th quarter, Brazil would not give up. Spain held pose and kept the lead. To win and move to the next round undefeated.

Spain is in Group F with:

Japan, Czech Republic and Russia

The games will be continued again on

  • September 27: Spain vs Japan (15:30 , MarcaTV)
  • September 28: Spain vs Czech Republic (18:00 , MarcaTV)
  • Septemeber 29: Russia vs Spain (20:15 , MarcaTV)


BRAZIL, 57 (15)(8)(15)(19): Pinto (1), K. Gustavo (2), Castro (12), S. Gustavo (3), De Souza (14),Santos (6), Dantas (10), Neves (7), Santos de Oliveira (2) y Santos (0)

SPAIN, 69(15)(22)(23)(9): Lyttle (10), Palau (12), Montañana (8), Valdemoro (17), Torrens (4),Nicholls (-), Fernández (9), Lima (2), Pascua (0), Aguilar (-), Martínez (7) y Cruz (0).