Made in Spain, are the only words to describe what the Spanish national and select teams are accomplishing this summer. The women’s U18 select team took home the Bronze medal in the European Championships held in Romania on Sunday. This is the sixth medal that Spain’s products have brought back this summer in European Championships. Next up, U16 Championships held in Italy and finally the Men’s National team during the Eurobasket 2011 Championship!
SPAIN: 85 (20+22+17+26)
L. Carrascosa 0, E. De Alfredo 11, M. Balart 15, I. Zanoguera 7, S. Bacete 0, M. Gonzalez 0, Y. Diaz 20, S. Rodriguez 0, I. Llobet 5, A. Vilaró 12, S. Marceló 0, A. Ndour 15.

SWEDEN: 69 (19+16+15+19)
N. Fontaine 5, I. Christensen 0, H. Kurt 2, L. Frykbo 2, M. Noaksson 4, A. Asoro 10, E. Nyström 9, S. Persson 0, J. Vesterberg 7, A. Nyström 8, U. Holmqvist 0, A. Zahui 22