ANDl Students he risked his life and left his skin, he competed until the end but succumbed to him Burgos (82-88) and now their salvation will depend on Bilbao losing to Joventut this Sunday (12:30 pm). A poisoned starfruit because La Penya no longer plays anything having snatched the sixth place from Burgos, who will face Lenovo Tenerife in the quarterfinals.

McFadden (24), Kravic (13 + 6) and Rivero (14) were the executors of a It was plagued with casualties who lived from Avramovic (18) and Delgado (16 + 14) at the beginning, and endured to the end thanks to a big Sakic (19).

The schoolboys were overwhelmed in the first act for McFadden’s Aim (12) and the Kravic’s Inner Dominion (10). Between both they scored more points than all the Students (18-30), that was hardly sustained thanks to Delgado (8 + 4) and AvramovicBut he suffered greatly when his inexperienced second unit hit the floor. With 7/11 s2 and 1/7 triples and without intensity behind it was impossible for me to compete with Burgos (8/10 s2 and 4/5 s3).

Life was leaving the students, who reacted pressing in defense to dry the Burgos and sign a partial 21-10 that got them fully into the game (39-40, min 18), after the triples of Sakic and Cvetkovic and with a very active Avramovic. The return to court of McFadden (19 points in 12 minutes) stopped bleeding (43-47, min 20).

The Students came to be ahead (48-47), but Burgos cut off the tap to Delgado and Avramovic and with two triples from Cook and another from McFadden produced a partial of 6-16 (54-63, min 28). The children Domínguez and Varela kept the schoolboys alive (60-67, min 30).

Renfroe, Rivero, Delgado and Benite they stretched the score (66-76), but emerged Sakic to give life to the Estu with 8 points and two triples (74-79, min 35).Avramovic kept the pulse until he committed the fourth fault, and Benite, Rivero and Kravic widened the gap (76-86, min 38). A triple of Alone and another from Sakic they made the schoolboys dream (82-86, at 1.39). But Burgos closed the game after a Kravic block to Sakic and an error from the triple by Cvetkovic.

The schoolboys can only wait for this Sunday Joventut can beat Bilbao (12.30 pm) to achieve permanence. If he does not, his descent will be consummated, the first in a story in which only they, Real Madrid and Joventut himself they had never lost the category.

Data sheet:

82 – Movistar Students (18 + 25 + 17 + 22): Cvetkovic (3), Avramovic (18), Vicedo (-), Delgado (16) and Brown (5) -the starting five-, Solá (9), Domínguez (4), Sakic (19) and Arroyo Varela (8)

88 – Inherit San Pablo Burgos (30 + 17 + 20 + 21): Cook (6), McFadden (24), Rabaseda (7), Rivero (14) and Kravic (13) -starting five-, Renfroe (6), Salvo (-), Benite (11), Horton (2), Sakho (-) and Salash (5).

Referees: Emilio Pérez Pizarro, Javier Torres and Rubén Sánchez Mohedas. Alec Brown eliminated for fouls

Incidents: Match of matchday 37 of the Endesa League played behind closed doors at the WiZink Center in Madrid. A minute of silence was observed for the one who was a doctor and Movistar Estudiantes player Juan Ángel García Reneses, who recently passed away.

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